The Kaleidoscope Food Festival


The FreshLo Project: 

Supporting refugee and immigrant food entrepreneurs through The Kresge Foundation’s Fresh, Local & Equitable (FreshLo) initiative that seeks to foster economic vitality and cultural expression in low-income communities through food.

The project has followed five food entrepreneurs in the Binghampton neighborhood in Memphis: 


The Kaleidoscope Festival was essentially a giant prototype to gauge whether or not the entrepreneurs could handle a high demand, whether the community wanted the food the entrepreneurs were making and if placing the event in the neighborhood brought residents from the neighborhood together. 

The assets created for the festival included promotional material, menus, maps and programs, banners for each entrepreneur, a storytelling banner, and business cards for the entrepreneurs to hand out. 


The banners for each entrepreneur ended up being printed on vinyl and were 4 ft wide:


The storytelling banner highlighted each entrepreneur that was featured in the festival.